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August 18, 2013
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HMLS: Alessia Rhyner by Mara-n HMLS: Alessia Rhyner by Mara-n

edit// I changed her age. Now she's 16, I thought it would be cuter(?) XDDD

Yay I finally did it on time I guess ;;; whoa I told Rai-chan: that I'd upload it two days ago but I couldn't figure out Alessia's story and also real life was on the way XD For :iconhmls:

Hope it's okay and not a MarySue or something like that lolol :iconpapmingplz:

anyways, thanks to :iconraitokura: to invite me to the group, whoa I feel important :iconpapcryplz: it's such a cool group full of pros omg omg omg :icontearplz: I'll try my best!!

Anyways, here's her info ; v ;


Name: Alessia Rhyner.

Nickname: Alex (Although she does not like to be called that way).

Age: 16.

Weight: 50 kg.

Height: 1’65 cm.

Position: Viciu of area I, Switzerland.

Tattoo Location: Left Hand.

Real Life Job: Works at a Book Shop

Gender: Female.

Weapon: Dagger. She often impregnates it with some medical substances that can harm her opponents. (Her tattoo sign is casually related with her weapon, since the sign of the tattoo means the biological substances that pose a threat to the health of living organisms.)


- Psychokinesis. Alessia is able to move things with her mind and control them as much as she likes. She only needs to look directly at what she wants to move and concentrate a little. She still has trouble moving heavy things (she can move a simple car but she has trouble moving a huge truck for example).

- Mind Control. With this ability, Alessia can control people through their mind and do whatever she likes. However, she can’t use it freely; she only can do it if the opponent is off guard and the effect only lasts for 1 minute. She’s also able to guess people’s thoughts (she only guesses because doesn’t like to look inside people’s private thoughts.) and read people movements to anticipate them.

- Intelligence. Her IQ is one of the highest ones. Her logic and reasoning is very advanced (and considering her young age is pretty impressive) and can develop different and successful attack strategies and can know how to act if the situation turns out unexpectedly. Her photographic memory also makes it easy for her to remember even tiny and insignificant details. She can memorize an entire book without trouble.

- Imagination. Since her mind is super developed she can use it to invoke things she imagines, such as monsters, familiars or weapons (although her main weapon is the dagger). However, this ability consumes a lot of energy and cannot be used as much as she pleases. She only can invoke a maximum of three things that will vanish in 30 minutes. She’s also not able to invoke the three at the same time.


She was born in a very poor district from a little town. Since her parents couldn’t sustain Alessia, they gave her to a church, where the nuns and the reverend took care of her.

One day, a man called Joël Rhyner approached the church (following the rumors that a child with a prodigy mind was there) and adopted her. He was a young university professor who was quite recognized for his medical articles about the brain in many scientific magazines. He didn’t only want her to study her brain (which seemed to be the obvious motive behind his interest in her adoption) but to have some company, since he was a solitary man that fully surrendered to science and couldn’t marry and create a family.

Since he adopted Alessia, Joël noticed that she never took off her gloves. That was a strict order from the reverend, to hide her tattoo. Despite knowing she was a magus, the reverend and nuns wanted to protect her. Eventually, she told Joël about the strange things she was able to do with her mind and showed him the tattoo. He was more fascinated than scared.
They lived calmly until one day, that police came over to arrest her dad, for doing scientific experiments with an underage that also seemed to have some kind of relation with magus.

The police ended up entering the house, and Joël forced Alessia to escape before they caught her. She escaped successfully, but her father was arrested. “Don’t even think of coming back for rescuing me. Survive and find others like you.”

Without a place to go, she first thought about returning to the church, but it was too dangerous and a stupid thing to do, so she first made sure to leave the town. She was prepared to live in the streets; she was realistic about her actual situation.
What she didn’t expect was that a guy would approach her and tell her:

"You don't need to worry anymore. Come with me, I'll give you a new home."

She didn't trust strangers but he had somewhat different from others. It was an odd sensation, but she felt she could trust him, so she followed him.


- Extremely blunt.
- Quiet and serious.
- Although all that, she’s kind and gentle.
- Responsible and obsequious.
- Loyal.
- Efficient.
At first sight Alessia is an expressionless and calmed girl who never bothers to get on her nerves. But the truth is that she can break that side of her when she’s under a lot of pressure, something fails or a comrade is in danger.


- She was adopted by 5 families before Joël adopted her. She was 5 years old when he adopted her.
- People (even Joël) at first thought she was autistic since she was a loner, was very blunt and had great talents. The truth is that she isn’t, and always repeated the same thing “I’m not autistic, you know.”
- When the reverend and nuns first saw her tattoo they tried to exorcise her thinking she was possessed by some demon. Now she remembers it as an anecdote.
- She loves animals but animals seem to not like her. (lol poor little thing :iconmingplz:)
- Her IQ is 250.
- She has quite a soft and pleasant voice, and maybe sings quite well (she never tried).


“So you’re now my new father?” –She asked the man while holding his hand and walking across the snowy street.

“Yeah, I’m your new father I guess” –He replied, looking down for being able to see her tiny face that was staring at the man.
“You’re the sixth one, then.” –Simply said the little five year old girl, and turned her head forward again.


“I can move objects without touching them. Or read minds. I know what you think about that woman that works at the bakery. I don’t think a 13 year old girl should hear that kind of things.” –Suddenly dropped the girl with her usual calmed voice.

“W—what? H—how do you… Alessia! That’s something you must not do!” –Started to say, with all his face red.

“I already know that. It’s not like I do it every day at every hour. I don’t actually like reading people’s mind anyway.”—Said with a neutral face.


"You know? You were the best father of the whole six. Maybe it's true that the best comes with the last things" —She said while entering the escape door of the house. Then, she turned for a second and smiled at me. But it wasn't her usual sarcastic or a skeptic smile. It's was a sincere one. I smiled back, knowing that maybe I wasn't going to see her ever again. I pushed her back and made sure she left the house.



- Walther Knecht: The Duce of Switzerland and the one who gave her a new home. She admires him so much and always tries to be of help. She’s somewhat friendlier when she’s with him.


“As long as your knowledge about something is correct you must not fear it.”


Aaaaaaaaand that's it! Hope she can make a lot of friends although she's a loner lololol

Hope you like her ; v ; )//

And feel free to rp with me, through comments, by note... whatever you prefer! ^^

Voice: Hikasa Yoko -->…
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Alessia: Hey you're pretty handsome. But I don't think this is the first time someone tells you, right?

((lolol I'm sorry she says whatever's on her mind without any shame xDD
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